Ben Affleck confirms not playing Batman again after ‘The Flash’

Ben Affleck confirms not playing Batman again after ‘The Flash’

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A few years back, the buzz was created when Ben Affleck was announced as the new Batman. However, the actor has now stated that he won’t be portraying the iconic character after his outing in ‘The Flash’.

In his recent interview, Ben Affleck confessed that he will not be portraying Batman any longer. It seems that ‘The Flash’ might be his final film as Bruce Wayne. While speaking to Herald Sun, Ben said, “I won’t be playing Batman much longer.” He further added, he had a “very, very hard experience” working on ‘The Justice League’ with Joss Whedon. It led him to start drinking again.

While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter last year, Ben had said, “I started drinking too much around the time of Justice League, and it’s a hard thing to confront and face and deal with.” This is why he initially quit DC universe and dropped out his solo Batman film.

He added, “I have never said this – this is hot off the presses – but maybe my favourite scenes in terms of Batman and the interpretation of Batman that I have done, were in the Flash movie,” he revealed. “I hope they maintain the integrity of what we did because I thought it was great and really interesting – different, but not in a way that is incongruent with the character.”

While speaking to L.A Times, the actor said, “Directing Batman is a good example. I looked at it and thought, ‘I’m not going to be happy doing this. The person who does this should love it.’ You’re supposed to always want these things, and I probably would have loved doing it at 32 or something. But it was the point where I started to realize it’s not worth it. It’s just a wonderful benefit of reorienting and recalibrating your priorities that once it started being more about the experience, I felt more at ease.”


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