Chennai police to form NCC-like units in 100 schools

Chennai police to form NCC-like units in 100 schools

50 children to be enrolled from each school as members of SIRPI and given uniforms

The Greater Chennai Police are forming Student In Responsible Police Initiatives (SIRPI) units on the lines of the National Cadet Corps (NCC) in 100 schools.

An initiative of Commissioner of Police Shankar Jiwal, the project is aimed at addressing the issue of juvenile delinquency, driven by factors such as socio-economic status, peer pressure, lack of family support and unemployment.

The SIRPI is aimed at identifying vulnerable children and guide them so that they do not get into conflict with the law. “We are in the process of launching it and have identified schools and uniforms to be given to them. About 5,000 boys and girls will be inducted from at least 100 schools possibly by the first week of January,” Mr. Jiwal told The Hindu.

“We are putting in a lot of effort into designing the uniform, shoes and drawing up the curriculum. For Corporation schoolchildren, even small things matter,” Mr. Jiwal said.

40-week curriculum

A 40-week curriculum is being framed. Under the programme, the cadets can spend time with the police personnel. It is a voluntary programme and books and study material, with the uniform, would be given to enrolled children. “We will organise tours for them every second or third week to premier educational institutions or labs. The idea is to take them on board to make them understand the laws of the land and the role of the police in enforcing the laws. We will conduct a one-year training programme and personality development- drill, sports, visits to institutions and classroom sessions to enable students evolve as a responsible and capable citizens,” he said.

The attempt would be to inculcate self-discipline, civic sense and develop empathy for vulnerable sections of society and resistance to social evils. This would lead to improved relationship between the police and the vulnerable sections of society, said the Commissioner of Police.

Liaison officer

An officer not below the rank of inspector of police will be assigned to act as police-student liaison officer. The officer would deploy sufficient personnel for the training and strive to maintain good relationship between the police and the schools.

Mr. Jiwal said 50 students each would be chosen from 100 “vulnerable schools” from Class VIII and above for the “SIRPI Wing”.

Legal literacy programmes, in collaboration with government and non-governmental organisations, would be conducted. They would be made to understand the value of following traffic laws and would inculcate right habits.

The other activities would include staging short plays, mono act, film show and organising campaign against drugs, alcoholism, terrorism and to celebrate national festivals, salute national symbols and develop a sense of pride about the progress and prosperity of the State.

Plans are on to popularise phone numbers of police helpline, Kavalan, elders helpline and Kaval Karangal.


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