Delhi Government to set up 3,200 beds for children requiring treatment

Delhi Government to set up 3,200 beds for children requiring treatment

The Delhi government will create over 3,200 beds, including ICU beds, exclusively for children requiring COVID-19 treatment in the Capital.

In all, 37,000 dedicated COVID beds, over 10,000 COVID ICU beds, 2,300 paediatric COVID beds and 900 COVID paediatric ICU beds are part of the government’s bid to ramp up medical infrastructure to confront any medical eventualities that may arise, sources said.

A significant number of these beds will be created at 15 hospitals, six civic hospitals and COVID care centres set up by the Delhi government.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has, on more than one occasion since the virus cases began rising this month, said that the Delhi government had chalked out a plan to increase hospital infrastructure in the city.

Hospitals under the Central government as well as private hospitals too will host these beds, the official added. According to the official, 9,803 COVID beds, 3,700 COVID ICU beds, 1,484 COVID paediatric beds and 615 COVID paediatric ICU beds will be created at Delhi Government and MCD hospitals.

Specialised COVID facilities at sports complexes and banquet halls will house 7,777 COVID beds and 1,200 COVID ICU beds. No paediatric beds will be crafted at these facilities.

Hospitals under the Centre will house 3,775 COVID beds, 1,191 COVID ICU beds, 156 paediatric COVID beds and 14 paediatric ICU beds while private hospitals will account for 14,000 COVID beds, 4,253 COVID ICU beds, 622 COVID paediatric beds and 229 COVID paediatric ICU beds.

According to Health Department records, the occupancy of COVID beds and oxygen-supported COVID beds has grown gradually this month.

The occupancy of dedicated COVID beds gradually increased at city hospitals over the last month with 111 of these occupied on December 1 and 280 till December 28.

COVID ICU beds, however, exhibited mixed occupancy between the same period. As many as 75 of these were occupied on December 7 but only 52 were occupied by December 28.

While 21 ventilator beds were occupied on December 28, their highest occupancy, at 23, was on December 9. Most oxygen-supported ICU beds, 276, were found occupied on December 28.


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