WATCH: Massive bite mark on 15-foot great white shark in viral video puzzles netizens

WATCH: Massive bite mark on 15-foot great white shark in viral video puzzles netizens

Reported By:DNA Web Team| Edited By: DNA Web Team |Source: DNA webdesk |Updated: Jan 02, 2022, 10:48 PM IST

A photograph shared by Jalil Najafov, a 40-year-old shark conservationist has triggered debate across various social platforms. The photo shows a 15-foot great white shark with a massive bite mark.

Najafov discovered the shark while diving in Isla Guadalupe, Mexico and claims that he has never seen such a big scar before. As it appears in the picture, the scar is huge, bloodless and circular.

After Najafov shared the photo on Instagram, netizens wondered what could have caused the terrifying bite marks. Watch the video below:

Najafov shared the photo with a caption stating that this photo of female shark is the most liked photo on many shark accounts. To understand if the bite mark was a mating scar or an act of aggression, Najafov discussed the matter with Dr Tristan Guttridge (who is well known for his work on Sharkadelic Summer). 

Guttridge said, “I’d rule out mating probably due to position as the wound looks like it’s healed a fair bit and although mating scars can be nasty they are more superficial than that. The shape of it to me likely indicates a bite from another shark – seems a bit extreme for defence but it’s a large shark itself so predation from another shark would also be unlikely”.

As Najafov believes that the bite mark is due to an attack from another shark, marine biologist Michael Domeier considers it to be competitive aggression as highly migratory sharks don’t have a traditional territory, so territorial aggression remains out of scope.

While Najafov considers himself lucky for having spotted such a huge scar on a white shark, reactions to the post depict a different story. One Instagram user commented, “I didn’t know anything about the shark’s aggression during mating… Great photo”.


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